Bella Karoli, Author of the Book 'Medley'

I'm Bella Karoli

My parents started my education early. At the advanced age of three, I could pick out all the letters of the alphabet on my mother’s typewriter.  I read books about sailing before starting school.  My writing started in third grade, according to my report card. In fifth grade, story writing appeared along with the poetry of the past couple of years.

I started accordion lessons at age seven and began composing music to poetry I’d find in one of my mother’s magazines at age nine.  Writing lyrics and music has continued to this day.  

A few writers influenced my style, which continued to develop throughout junior and senior high school, but only two come to mind: P.G. Wodehouse and K. M. Stein, an author of hilarious books of half German – half English content. His or her works are long out of print, but the unique combination of two languages has stuck with me.  Sometimes in my emails or correspondence, my readers are taken aback at a Wodehouse phrase or odd punctuation.  

I can take a word or idea and create a whole story around it, but I don’t think that among the millions of writers that exist in this world, that is particularly exceptional. But I like giving endings a twist, as readers of “Melody” will discover.  There were long periods when pen never met paper, but in the late 1980s I started writing more seriously, if not often. It continue throughout the ‘90s and into the 2000s, including a series about a Dalmatian and a seagull, but not until joining a writer’s group in Bullhead City, AZ in 2008 did my interest in creating through written word  take wing.  From then until starting a job in early 2014, I produced many short stories, some poetry, and quite a few songs.  

In 2017, a baby lizard appeared in my bathroom.  It was so cute!  That might have been the inspiration for what is turning into a novel, “A Most Unusual Lizard”.  I was also in the throes of earning a Master’s degree, and I’d write about the lizard as a break from assignments.  It will be another year, MAYBE less, before it’s finished.  During this current period, whatever captures my fancy gets written about.  During my student teaching stint, Halloween brought out the Gothic side of some of the students, and I found myself caught up in it, starting a piece called “Cemetery.”  It has rested in peace until very recently, when it was rediscovered in my computer and resurrected. That, and two other pieces besides the lizard novel, occupy my time.

I still play the accordion and compose.  Music, writing, and making jewelry are my three big activities right now.  The coronavirus has ended a couple other music activities, and I take care of my best friend and attempt to include myself in that care, and do the usual mundane stuff the world demands.  Looking forward to writing and playing music until the end.