I  love to gamble, oh yes, I do

I love each moment, through and through.

Whether poker, slots, roulette, I will always place my bet –

Lose or win, when I begin to add cash in, ADRENALIN, I feel a thrill and always will,

I never want to stop!

But I am careful, oh yes, I am.

I never wager more than I can.

Though my wife says I should quit before I fall into a pit –

The guys all fold when they behold my royal flush! I gather much

‘Cause I’m a lucky guy.


I took the money we’d set aside

For our vacation and let it ride

On a hand I couldn’t lose, never thought I’d sing the blues –

The stakes were high and so was I, I didn’t watch the other guy, he played his hand, I said GOODBYE to our vacation time.

I took the money we’d set aside,

I wish I hadn’t…I wish I’d die!

‘Cause I didn’t tell my wife, now I’m gambling with my life!

She’ll moan and cry, bid me goodbye! To stake my life and lose my wife,

Well, that’s too much for me!


To stake my life and lose my wife, the stake’s too high for me!