The Locksmith of Love

He knocks at your door, and when you open it,

He enters your heart as well as your home.

He knocks at your door, so when you open it,

Be prepared to unlock your dreams, whatever the are.

He carries the keys to love beyond the stars,

He carries the keys to kingdoms of joy.

Just telll him your dreams -- He has the keys to them.

Be prepared to unlock at new life that will carry you far.

Open wide your eyes to the wonders of new worlds within;

You'll discover all things that are new, yet very old.

Your heart will disclose just how far it can travel.

At the end of the rainbow, you'll find your kettle of gold.

So open your heart, and when you open it,

Bid Him come in to find his home.

Listen and learn -- you'll find out who you are!

Place your hand in His, let him lead -- the Locksmith of Love

With your hand in His, you will reach the heights of your dreams.


The Hippo Ballet

One Saturday night, I decided I might have a look at the Hippo Ballet.

I donned a tuxedo and then I proceeded to go to the Golden Cafe.

After a light culinary delight, I repaired to the Hippo Ballet.

All the men in the world were in love with the girl who's the star of the Hippo Ballet

The overture grand received a big hand. A chorus of dancers appeared.

The villain in black received a good snack from the hero, who loudly was cheered.

The star in her tutu was far much too cute to be dancing alone on the stage.

The hero then joined her, but the villain purloined her and made off with her in his arms.

With sound road do jumps, pirouettes, leaps, and thumps, the hero projected his rage.

 After much ballyhoo and a Grand Pas de Deux, the star soloed all of her charms.

With feet all aflutter, she melted like butter the hearts of the audience male.

She looked with disdain on each hopeful swain and left them in sorrow to wail.

The post-ballet bash was a definite smash, but my mood was decidedly blue.

I was thinking of leaving, when my eyes nit deceiving me, caught and were held by a girl

Whose coy flirting glances said, "What are my chances of meeting a someone like you?"

We started to talk, then we went for a walk, and we danced through the night in a whirl.

I've turned a new leaf, for I've given up grief.

My heart is so happy and gay!

I'm dancing with pride with my bride at my side

The star of the Hippo Ballet.

The star of the Hippo Ballet.


How Can I Tell You

How can I tell you I love you when there’s nothing I know how to say?

How will you know that I mean it? I don’t want to scare you away.

How can my heart keep on beating when each time it sees you, it dies?

How will you know that I love you when you don’t see the stars in my eyes?


How can I tell you I need you, that you help me in so many ways?

When will I tell you my needing will last for the rest of my days?

Are you aware that our sharing is something so precious to me?

How can I tell you I love you when my essence you don’t even see?


Can you know how much I want you when you see me as just someone there?

Would you believe if I told you that my live I’m willing to share?

A past love has hurt you so badly, the emotion is not in your sight.

So why does your spirit come and stay with me all through the night?


If I could but help you to heal, your heart will begin to flow.

There’s so much to tell you, but I somehow fail you; time passes, but you don’t seem to know.

If I speak from my heart to your heart, will my caring find rest in your soul?

Will love ever enter and bring us together so your life you won’t live all alone?


BoBo The Hobo

starring Bud Holland