Three laughing bundles of exuberance burst through the doorway and squealed delightedly at seeing Mary standing there.  In a moment, both she and George were surrounded by the excited young women, all talking at once, giving out dazzling smiles and cries of delight as their eyes spotted colored sparkles that grabbed and held their attentions, one after the other.  They separated almost as fast as they had mobbed the two employees, releasing more squeals and cries of excited anticipation as they eagerly visually devoured the store’s inventory.  They all wanted to try everything on at once, and a laughing associate had to gently collect them and bring them back to George for introductions.


A black haired beauty caught his attention first.  Layered waves of shimmering extra dark chocolate  framed a hearty complexioned woman whose white teeth behind creamy red lipstick shot an image of pearls and rubies into George’s mind.  “South Sea Island black pearls,” George thought, catching sight of two eyes carefully accented by blue eye shadow and mascara.


“Cassie Holloway, meet George Pease, the brilliant but shy owner of this emporium,” Mary grinned, introducing her first friend.  George extended a hand.


“Wow. You’re handsomer than I thought you’d be,” Cassie blurted, shaking his hand eagerly.  George shot a glance at his assistant, who turned slightly pink at her friend’s exclamation.


“Well, I did tell them the truth, that you are good looking,” Mary explained in her defense.


“I’m next!” piped up a ringing soprano voice.


Mary turned to her.  “April Morrison, George Pease.”


Again he offered his hand.  She took it gently and shook it firmly. 

”Yes, you are handsomer than I imagined.  Mary, you’ve been holding out on us!”

April’s melodic voice sang the words, rather than spoke them.


“Oh, don’t be silly.  And this, George, is Penny Anderson.  Never mind these two impetuous kids, Penny is the one you need to watch out for.  She’s shy until you get to know her. Then, look out!”